One of my least favorite oxymorons, this is a common slogan in advertising. What it means is "The More You Spend, The Greater The Discount", but that lacks bite. In my tightwad mind, this slogan appeals to a false sense of saving money. If you buy more than you can use of something, you aren't saving any money -- you're paying more for the same amount.

This isn't a complaint against buying in bulk so much as a complaint against the idea that this slogan actually works on people, apparently. Not a week goes by that I don't hear it in reference to some sale. The way to save money is not discounts but rather not spending in the first place! But apparently big retail chains manage to get this mantra into people's heads.

I guess it's just that most people's lack of financial management scares me.

I don't mean buying lots when you can afford it -- it's when someone who buys a lot cannot afford it.