The single most bizzare thing about Pennsylvania liquor stores:
They still sell to those that are underage.

Let me explain. I live in State College, Pennsylvania, the home of Penn State's main campus. I am 23, and have never been carded at the liquor stores (I prefer wine and liquor to beer, which is sold in beer stores here). I'd seen some pretty young-looking people in the liquor stores, but I figured that when they reached the checkout things would hit the fan, so to speak.

Once, I needed some beer to make beer bread, and went to a beer store. There, I was carded. I mentioned to the cashier that I had never been carded by the state liquor stores as I handed him my card. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, then told me that it didn't surprise him at all. Apparently, the state liquor stores are willing to sell to minors, at least here.

In my mind, this points to a complete failure of the the idea behind a state-run liquor store -- who watches the watchmen?