The food-based orgasm is a rare occurrence I have noticed. It seems that certain people respond to certain foods with intense pleasure, far beyond simply enjoying it. This occurrence seems to be a true orgasm, unlike what was learned when the Brunching Shuttlecocks attended a male multiple orgasm class.

I have observed this behavior in two females. The first, who informed me that it really was that enjoyable, experiences it with salmon sushi and once with a dessert called an English Trifle. The second experienced it with tiramisu.

In both cases, the response was subtle - not a When Harry Met Sally experience. I observed quiet "mmm" noises, along with the rate of consumption slowing gradually. Eventually they stopped, sighed, with eyes closed and simply leaned back in their chair and sat there with a mysterious smile for a few minutes, refusing to move.

To this day, I wonder what causes this phenomenon? Both English Trifle and tiramisu are desserts with alcohol-infused cake. But salmon sushi is completely different. I was told that the reason might be salmon sushi has a sort of salty flavor, and might taste in a way like idealized genitalia flavor. But this doesn't explain the desserts - - could it be that they had been prepared on the ideal boundary between too rich and not rich enough?

Why does this fascinate me? I can't be certain, but in at least some of the occurrences, I was eating the same thing and did not have a reaction. Maybe I'm jealous.

Update: jarsyl says Re food orgasms: I have a male friend who has similar reactions to well prepared sushi of various types. I don't think it's limited to females or to salmon sushi, for that matter.