After Roll the Bones, Rush continued their recent trend back to rock with Counterparts. Released October 19, 1993, their sponge-like nature makes itself obvious with the count before Animate begins. Thematically, this album ties into the theme of Roll The Bones' Ghost of a Chance in that it is about the relationships with others and within oneself. Unlike Ghost..., however, the theme of random chance that occupied Roll the Bones is not the focal point -- it's who/what instead of why. Of course, as soon as one brings up the word relationship, the focus will be on love songs. But Rush doesn't do love songs. I recall one of the band members saying in an interview that Cold Fire is the closest they've come to a love song, even though it's about idealism versus realism in a relationship.

  1. Animate (6:03)
  2. Stick It Out (4:30)
  3. Cut To The Chase (4:48)
  4. Nobody's Hero (4:54)
  5. Between Sun And Moon (4:37)
  6. Alien Shore (5:45)
  7. Speed Of Love (5:02)
  8. Double Agent (4:51)
  9. Leave That Thing Alone (instrumental) (4:05)
  10. Cold Fire (4:26)
  11. Everyday Glory (5:11)