Gabriel Carroll is the young mathematician to watch. I will not pretend to be able to understand the inner workings of Gabriel, but I will offer my observations thus far.

Gabriel is a rising star in the math world, although, it seems to me that he wouldn't want you to think that. Rather, Gabriel seems to prefer to be associated with gastropods. It's ironic that someone so lightning quick with the ole' 2 + 3 = 23's would want to be associated with snails. Again, I won't pretend to understand the inner workings. Perhaps it has something to do with being on another plane of intelligence.

Just in case there is any doubt about what plane we're talking about, here's a little rap sheet of his accomplishments:
  • perfect score (42/42), 2001 IMO, one of four perfect scores in the world
  • three-time Individual Winner, ARML, twice more than any other participant in history
  • third place, 2001 science Talent Search
  • Putnam Fellow (top 5), 2000 William Lowell Putnam

    That should be enough - if you follow math/science competitions, then you can appreciate the scope of these accomplishments. There's really not too much to say. I'll end with a quote of Gabriel's (featured in a article by Ivars Peterson) that does a good job of putting the life of Gabriel Carroll in perspective for the rest of us:

    "I approach any problem with a wide array of tools. . . .There are general problem-solving strategies, such as examination of special cases, phrasing problems in alternate language, looking for extremal situations, or using induction. . . .I also have an arsenal of theorems that can accelerate my work, and, having solved thousands of problems over the last few years, I often recognize similarities with past problems that suggest how to attack the problem at hand."

    uh huh... whoa...