Today at work I slipped and my right leg fell through one of the wells* in the grid today up to my waist. Luckily, I not only grabbed the ribbons* and escaped with just a little scrape; but managed to not poop myself.

The thing that makes this bizzare was this morning I was discussing with one of my buds the fact that the Insurance actuary:actuaries (the guys who do risk assesment) figure on two deaths during the load in period.

This didn't bother me all day, but then I fell asleep during the overtime intermission of the hockey game tonight and had a nice solid 15 minutes of falling nightmares, complete with waking up just as I hit the ground in a nice cold sweat (Which is odd considering it's about 85 degrees right now.)

Luckily, I again refrained from pooping myself. More luckily, I woke up in tome to watch Calgary end Detroit's season.

It did, however, bother me immensely.

* Definitions: Grid: Top floor of a theatre, where they hang all the stuff from. Ours is 89' above stage level, plus another 50' to the bottom of the lift pit, which is open to the middle 50% of the stage area.

Ribbon: 2" wide steel beams that make up the floor of the grid. There are 2" gaps between them.

Well: 12" gaps in the grid, spaced about 12' apart. These are just big enough for a non-fat guy like me to slip thtough.