Crackers. Be they graham, stoned wheat thins, saltines, triscuits or, in dire times, ritz, crackers are perfect snackage. And since I don't usually eat a real meal until dinner or possibly 2am, snacks fill the rest of my sustenance needs. Combined with cheese (real or easy), peanut butter, odd meaty spreads, or hummus, crackers are the versatile savior of my diet.

But, since we can get subs delivered until 3am or pizza until 4am (hooray for I Love New York Pizza!), sometimes hot food reaches my rumbling tummy... Lacking a microwave, the only other hot food I get to eat when I lack the motivation to get to a dining hall is those little instant soups in a cup. We even have little instant mac and cheese in a cup at our campus store, and it's actually tasty. A hot pot is a wonderful thing.