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Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. ---Eleanor Roosevelt
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My name at birth was Gary Headley. My mothers maiden name was Headley.
Sometime later I was officially adopted at 18 yo & my name became Gary Voyles a name I had been using since the early 40's anyway. That adoption only occurred because the U.S.A.F. needed a valid birth certificate. I was raised thru the Great Depression. Came of age across several states under the tutelage of grandparents, biological mother and step father. From the extreme northwest territories of Port Angeles/Vancouver and Spokane, WA to the frigid cold of central Ill. coal mines. From Biloxi, Mis'sipy to the Juan de Fuca Straits/Canada- Wash. From Gillespie, Ill. to Livermore, Calif. Educated here an there at primary/secondary and schools of higher education.

Did a couple of tours with USAF including a European tour in Madrid, Espana and a couple decades with the DoD. Other employers included Lockheed and SD Zoological Society.....and others.

Presently I am kicked back in a small beach town in southern California - U.S.A.

Leap thru open doorways of aeroplanes with No.#1 son @ 14,500ft for shits 'n giggles.

Bake a mean loaf of bread.

I have Grapheme → color synesthesia.

Winner of many prizes and awards.