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To keep living until I dissappear.
Indian cooking and dish washing.
The hard school of knocks.
Ma Suchah! Don't worry.
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A magnificant sixty years of planet earth survival celebrations awaits me on June the 23rd, two days beyond summer soltice, and 24 hours before the longest day of the year, 24th. Mind you this is debatable. There are two polorized views on what is the longest day. At one end of the pole there are those who believe that the 21st is the longest day - and at the other like myself gladly accept the 24th. Anything for another party. The 21st already has it's glory of being summer soltice and is worshipped by millions of pagans globally. My appearance day festivities falls on the 23rd where zillions of fellow humans will sadly miss it, though a treasured few will get totally partied out of their box (A Scottish word for mind) on top of one of the most breathtakingly beautifuly raw mountains(well it's nearly 500 metre high) called Car Brae on the wild and wonderful western highlands of Scotland. And the 24th gives us a great opportunity to chill out and laze around slowly getting rid of any post partee afterefects.

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