Yesterday I stood up in front of my entire Abnormal Psychology class and talked. We had a test today so everyone was in class. I was nervous. I hate talking in front of large groups of people like that. I told them about me doing a marathon and raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I asked them to attend our fundraiser last night at Red Robin. Anyone who brought in a flyer with them helped the Society because 15% of their total food bill went to the organization. We don’t know yet how much money we made. We are doing a similar fundraiser at Baja Fresh on Friday.

This past Sunday we did a half-marathon and then a little more. Next Saturday we are walking 19 miles. Saturday before last we walked 17. I’m still sore from the half-marathon we did this week. I’m fine once I get moving around but every time I sit down I get stiff so I walk like an old granny when I first stand up.

My mentee, Harmony, finally noded again, which I was happy to see. Her husband also noded and is working on another. Neither of them wrote much of anything for quite a while and I’m happy to see them get back into it because I think it’s good for them to exercise their brains a bit.

I plan on noding more now that the semester is almost over and I’ll have the summer off. Lately all I’ve been doing is daylogs and song write-ups. I have a couple factual write-ups I’m working on I hope to post some time this week.

I feel exhausted today and I have no idea why I'm so tired.  I didn't even do much at the gym and we skipped our walk again today, this time because of the fundraiser.  I just made myself a cup of green tea but it's still too hot to drink.  Maybe that will wake me up enough to work on a node or two, or perhaps to start to study for my upcoming final.  I'm glad I only have one class this semester to worry about a final in and the final isn't cumulative.