It has taken me two and a half years to reach this point, but with this daylog I reach Level 5. I am now a “Monk” on this site. I am not writing this daylog because I am desperate for that one more write-up to get to the next level. I have plenty of things to node. I am writing this because daylogs are a good way to record significant events in one’s life. The number 5 has always had a significant meaning in my life, so reaching level 5 here has special meaning to me.

Some would say I am obsessed with the number five. I do most things in increments of 5. When I brush my hair I have to brush it 25, 50, or 100 times. When I eat I have to have 5, 10, 15,...bites. Not 4 , not 6. Five. On the message boards I am a member of I will not log out until my total post count is divisible by five. I often repeat words five times, especially when attempting to calm myself. This is not all that important however .

I want to thank all the people on this site that have helped and continue to help me in many ways. I started here as a sad and clueless bluebird. Now I think I know how this site works pretty well. I am able to help others. I love helping people. It’s one of the main reasons I make sure to be on here as much as possible. I make myself available as much as I can to anyone who wants help in anyway. I’m not always the best one to help but I don’t b.s. I just find someone who is good at whatever the problem may be and direct the one who needs help to them.

I have made so many friends thanks to this site. I have improved my writing skills. I have improved my editing skills. I have helped others improve their own work as . I have brought others here. I even met my boyfriend because he sought me out after reading some of my writings.

Thank you and all those who make it such a great place to make my homepage.

With the posting of this write up I have 250 writeups and an XP of 5446.