What have I been up to?

Well, not nodeing. BUT...I have been doing some research for a node or two. I have to be off the computer by 12 each night and I'm a night owl, so I print info I can use and write them out in a journal and I'll type them up when I'm done. (And yes I do spend alot of my computer time reading and researching on E2 so I know what I should node and what I shouldn't.)

The depression is pretty bad, but I have started taking the Paxil and the Geodon. I don't like the Paxil. It makes me feel really weird. When I was on it before my friend kermy told me that he thinks I'm hypomanic from it. I'm not sure though...but then again I'm never sure about anything.

I'm doing ok in school, I think. I'm a bit behind. I need to finish the week three assignment. The first two weeks had one five point, e-mail-it-to-the-teacher assignment each. I got five out of five on the first one and four out of five on the second one. I scheduled to take the test last tuesday (I think it was tuesday) but I wasn't myself. I knew I wouldn't pass it so I didn't even bother to go. I reshechuled the test but they haven't replied yet. That's because I sent in the form on Friday night. I should hear from them on Monday.

I'm so tired. Always tired now. More than usual. Probably the meds. It's hard to focus on anything.

My step dad has a timer on the plug. It shuts the power off to the computer and lights at 12am and they won't come back on until 6am. It's really depressing to be forced from a room for 6 hours a day.

Oh well, back to Psychology 101 now...