My mind is a little more, well, stable, and quiet tonight that it has been most nights lately. Despite some things that happened today and some things that didn't happen today I am not as depressed as I could be.

Well I was disappointed today because the wonderful Ed was not online. I love him. He is such a great guy. In fact it's his fault I'm here. (on Everything) =) He always says the right things, right when I need to hear them. He is like really really smart too. He always helps me with my psych 101 coursework and remembering the HTML stuff to use on here. He always helps me with my computer problems too. It's so cute when he doesn't want to log off and go to bed (even though it's already like 5am) cause "I'll miss you too much" It's both funny and frustrating when he falls asleep in his chair. Sometimes he can be really immature but I can be really immature and stubborn sometimes myself. In short: I love Ed and miss him.

I'm really frustrated. My printer is not working. Spool error. Whatever that means. I have some stuff for school that I need to print. It's not really a life/death, pass/fail thing because all the assignments are sent in by email but I need a hard copy for myself. Oh well...we'll leave that for another day.

I'm a bit anxious. Tommorow I have an appointment with a psychiatrist. My mother is going with me. I am afraid they will think I am a danger to myself and make me go IP. My mother has a way of making me seem dangerous even when I'm not. And they always believe her. She tells them I hear voices and they automatically think everything I say is a lie from that point on. I'm not looking forward to tommorow at all.

I got an IM from a friend of mine a few hours ago. She is pregnant and despite the fact that she is not due till March she has gone into false labor twice. She said that she has been having severe pain for the last two days and her aunt was taking her to the hospital, despite her objections. I hope she's ok.

My DSL modem fell earlier. It wasn't damaged but is not sitting amongst the wires on the floor. Do some physical limitations on my part I can not get the modem out from behind the desk and back on the shelf. Somehow it's got the keyboard and mouse wires caught so that I can't pull the keyboard out all the way to the edge of the desk like I could before and the mouse wire is now a bit shorter than what I'd like as well. Oh well, we'll figure that out tommorow...

I finished the textbook chapter I had to have read by the end of this week. Now if I can just get the notes to print so I can study for the test that's coming up...

I had a fun conversation on AIM with two friends, and it became a dirty conversation. (Let's just say that the word "vacuum" was used and we didn't mean Hoover). hehehe.

I became an Acolyte!!! YAY!!! Now what is that little blab! button do exactly? and what else do I get that I didn't have before? I know I now get 20 votes a day instead of 10 which is cool. I thought I'd be level 2 forever but I was only a Novice for a few days or so.

Nodeing your homework does wonders for your XP.