Well I've been up for 25 hours now. Saddly, most of that time has been spent here. Sitting in front of the computer with about 3 windows open. At least one of those being E2.

I am not doing well. Mentally that is. I feel like I'm losing my mind. It is extremely frightening. Have you ever heard something, or seen something that wasn't even there?

During the night I got some of the work done for my psychology class, noded, and chatted a bit. Unfortunatly I also did a few things I am not proud of. Things I did to cope with the overwhelming feelings...

During the day I worked on the school work, noded, chatted a bit, and argued with my family, and talked to my ex boyfriend. We are still friends, my ex and I. We always were friends. All through high school and beyond. We dated for a while and I gave him the dreaded "Let's just be friends" speach. He came over to drop off something he had borrowed from me and stayed hours. I thought he would never stop gossiping and go home.

Now I'm starting to feel sleepy...but...I am afraid. Afraid of those dreams.

The nightmares....

Dream Log: January 13, 2002 (idea) and Dream Log: January 12, 2002 (idea) are examples.