Remember me?

I haven't been online in a long long time. The only reason I am able to be on right now is because I'm taking a computer class at the local Adult school. From 6-9pm PST on Tuesday and Thursday nights I am in a class room in front of a computer working through a 700 page textbook alone. It's a self-paced class.

  • Eventually I will buy myself a new laptop. At some point, in the probably far future, I'll be able to get online from long as my grandmother, whom I am living with, doesn't find out.

    I'd type more, and write actual informative nodes if I had the time. I have just less than half an hour left of class today and a couple more things I would like to accomplish. I try to check e2 everytime I'm online but manage to check my email more often than this site. I'd love to hear from anyone. I'm lonely and desperate for friends right now.