Well my mind is working today. I know that sounds dumb but it's true. Somedays I am unable to think straight at all. Others I'm creative and smart.

Today is a day I have been able to accomplish things despite the fact that I'm using a computer at the public library and there are lots of distractions and my headphones are trying to die.

I've gotten a bit of school work done, noded, and thunk (so what if that's not a real word, I like it hehe) pretty darn clearly. As for my mood, thanks to some /msgs from a close friend, and a couple emails from another good friend I'm in a pretty happy mood, with a bit of anxiety from being in a public place and a bit of worry about my class, but overall not bad at all, but tired. I have not been sleeping very well lately, and I'm lonely.

Oh and I think my step father finally sent the envelop in. What envelop? Well that'd be the envelop with the proof of the poem of mine that is being published!!!! Yep, something I wrote is being published in a book. In a future daylog I'll type the poem in it and the ISBN for the book I can't afford to buy.

Well my time is almost up on this computer so I better log off. I'm supposed to be allowed to use my own computer again on Friday, but only on a very limited basis. (My step-dad is a jerk most of the time.)