There is a difference between living and existing. I only exist. I am dead inside. I just go through the motions each and every day.

It’s hard to tell sometimes who is really alive and who just exists. They look just alike. We’re all alive in the medical sense of the word, but some of us died long ago, or at least part of us did.

Those of us who merely exist still breathe, still consume food, our bodies work just as yours. Our minds are different though. The physical body is “normal” the spiritual body, or soul, is very very different. I won’t say that those who merely exist don’t have a soul, we do, it’s just empty. Our spirit weighs much more than those of people who live. Sometimes people who only exist seek psychiatric help. The doctors call this depression. It’s much more than that though. When I was just depressed I wasn’t dead. I’m dead now.