My step dad is an asshole. My back is killing me now. I can barely walk it hurts so bad. part of it is from spending so much time laying on the floor yesterday but i do that all the time. I brought my chair in here because the one that stays in here is uncomfortable but they say this one is "ugly" so it can't stay in the living room. Well the chair that does stay in here I just moved over, where it was in front of the couch. My step-dad decided it was in his way and slammed it into the back of my chair as hard as he could and it pushed me into the desk and pushed the desk forward a bit. Now my tummy hurts where it hit the desk and my back hurts alot. That's the first time he's ever done anything like that. I was in tears from the pain after he did it and then he gave me that look. The look that says "I'll take the computer away." I hate that look. If I say anything about it though he'll say I'm "playing games" and come up with a reason to take the computer away for a long time.

He's at work now so I'm home alone. Ok well I was but my mom just walked in. I'm trying to get my essays done for school but can't keep my mind on just one task. I'm shaking so bad again.

I'm really urgy to cut but if he or my mom finds out I hurt myslef I'll lose the computer. I'm so lost I just dont know what to do anymore. I'm sorry. I should just shut up but I can't. I always come crawling back.