They took it away.
They took my computer from me as punishment. I cry alone now. I'll miss E2. I'll miss all my friends here. I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the public library and will try to node once in a while. I thank you all for all your support and I hope someday to be able to spend too much time here again.

I'm so very tired lately and slept right through the alarm to get up to go to the doctors and now my parents have taken the computer as punishment. I meant to get up. I really did but I'm so tired and it's so hard to fall asleep. I have to hurry up because my best friend is going to go with me to the doctors. I have to get the staples removed from my leg. I just wanted to do a daylog and tell the people that keep an eye on me here why I'm not here as much now. Thank you for caring.