I dreamt of E2.

Ok I admit it now. I'm addicted.

Yes It's true. I had a happy dream but then it turned into a nightmare.

Well I was sitting here, in my chair... And I look at my message inbox and there are messages from like all of like actually exchanging /msg with like all the best users and them all praising and C!ing me! My XP was climbing.

Cool Man Eddie says wertperch just cooled your writeup on hearing loss, baby

But then it turned bad.

Then suddenly really bad because they like killed all my write-ups with penalty and said I was too crazy for E2. I looked at my XP. -5555!!!!! Like OMG!

Klaproth says I ate your writeup People in glass houses should not throw stones. -7. Killed w/ penalty because you've been here long enough to know better. Node Heaven will become its new residence.
115 messages from my dear friend Klaproth. Every writeup killed. And several messages to leave.
Klaproth says You have been banned from E2. Pack your bags, don't stop to say goodbye just get the hell off this site and never come back!!!

...And then I woke up, shaking. Did I shower? No. Did I get dressed? No. Did I brush my hair? No. Did I brush my teeth? No.
Why? Because I hade to node.

Hi, my name is bluebird, and I'm a nodeaholic.