April 3
Turned 21. Did nothing but cry and cut and argue with my family.

April 4
Went to the library, and tried to get a way to the John Mayer concert. A friend from high school agreed to take me and my mom then decided to be a total bitch and wouldn't let me leave the house. She said "I didn't think anyone was stupid enough to help you!" I cried alot and cut.

April 5
Ran errands. Packed. Went to airport. Ate McDonald's chicken mcnuggets. Flew to Vegas. The plane left at like 9pmish. Got to Las Vegas. Played some slots. Waited 2 hours while mom and step dad realized they lost our reservation papers for rental car and hotel room. Waited and waited and waited. Sat with bags holding my talking Larry the Cucumber doll, rocking back and forth talking to myself. Finally they came back and we caught a bus to the rent a car place. Drove to Stateline. Found our rooms at Wiskey Pete's hotel. Drank a little alcohol. Played slots til 4am. Cut myself with broken glass. SATURDAY
April 6
Left hotel about 10am. I think we had the breakast buffet at wiskey pete's. Then we drove to vegas. Stopped and bought a camera that we only use for like 4 pictuerss the whole weekend. Went to the Hilton. Played the slots at the SpaceQuest casino. Won $100 on a quarter machine. Had too many pina coladas (like 6) so started ordering fuzzy navals (had like 5 there). Called Ed from a bathroom. Was kinda drunk. Went to some other casinos. Went to M&M's world and the coca-cola store. Both are huge gift shops. Gambled in several casinos all day. Ate at Ceasar's Palace buffet. For dinner we went to Dominos pizza. Eventually drove back to stateline. Got to bed about 4am

April 7
Drank some more. (Had to get rid of the hangover some how) Gambled some more. Don't remember most of it. Irish surprise! Won $240 on megabucks after putting in $21. Played the tables and won some money there too. Saw the Dr. Naughty hypnotist show. Slapped a dick around ;) Got to be 5. Kept the hat and the blower thingys. (pervs! they're party favors!) during the show. Went to some more casinos. Went to Hard Rock. Cool displays but lost a lot of money there. Eventually drove back to stateline and crashed about 3am after cutting a bit more.

April 8
Gambled a little. Went to worlds largest gift shop to buy the kids and grandma suvineers. Returned rental car. Went to airport. Walked like a mile to find mozzerala sticks at the airport. Gambled a little. Drunk a little. Flew home. Mom turned back in to nasty mom. Went home. Went to grandma's to give the kids and gramma stuff we bought them. Went to Sizzler. Had seeds and cheese. Went home. Slept. Fought. Cut.

April 9
Took little sister to library. Bought the kids fast food. Took sister to girl scouts. Cut a little.

April 10
Typed up this silly thing. Talked to some people online. Thought about how to get myself some alchohol without my mom finding out. Picked up the kids from school and took them home. Came back to the library. Tried not to cry in public.