But to truly understand the impact of Nirvana, you must listen to their music...

....by purchasing their new greatest hits album, I gather

Somewhere, Kurt laughs.

The "revolution" that nirvana was staging, if there ever was one, had a target. It was represented on the cover to Nevermind. A baby swimming after a dollar on a hook. The message is so blatantly obvious and so oft-repeated that to utter it again would seem trite.

The band managed to dethrone the king of pop with a song that truly was "Dangerous". -Said with a straight face.

"To my understanding, the band was the first one to make Rock music a viable commodity". Dave Grohl, smirking. Demonstrating an ability to laugh at irony .

We've been taught since childhood to think in terms of zeitgeists and decades- Patrick S. Farley.