Description, Style and Sound

"Leprosy" was the second album by the influential death metal band Death. This album pretty much defined how Death would sound for the times to come. It is on this album that Schuldiner started developing the characteristic, technically advanced and extremely fast soloing he would later become famous for. While the Leprosy lineup didn't last long (mainly due to Chuck Schuldiner and Rick Rozz not getting along -- they had formerly played together in the band Mantas, which didn't go well), it contains some of the tracks that Death's fans usually consider the band's very finest classics, such as Pull The Plug, Born Dead and the title track Leprosy. The sound was dirty, harsh and distorted, the way death metal should be.

Lyrically, the "gore flick" style lyrics have been toned down a tad since the first album Scream Bloody Gore (which indeed has lyrics that remind this noder more of Cannibal Corpse than of Death). The band still had a certain fixation on death and mortality, as the attentive reader has no doubt noticed from the tracklist. Ironically for a band named Death, around the time of their third studio album, Human, the morbidity of the lyrics was almost completely gone.


  • Chuck Schuldiner (vocals, lead and rhythm guitars)
  • Rick Rozz (lead and rhythm guitars)
  • Bill Andrews (drums)
  • Terry Butler (bass)

After the release of Leprosy, Rick Rozz left Death, and was replaced by James Murphy for the band's third release, Spiritual Healing.


  1. Leprosy
  2. Born Dead
  3. Forgotten Past
  4. Left To Die
  5. Pull The Plug
  6. Open Casket
  7. Primitive Ways
  8. Choke On It

Release Information

1988, Combat Records