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Hello this is my homenode. I don't know what to put here.

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Welcome to the New Secret Society

We have decided to keep the homepage on a homenode.
That way nobody can softlink to it, you can hardlink to it however, so caution is still neccesary.

There will be a backup node, where we can gather if this username gets deleted or hardlinked to.

The ultimate goal of our society is, of course, xp. Is there any other goal in E2.

The exact process for this has not yet been decided. However suggestions are being accepted. If you are reading this, consider yourself a member, and /msg me. Finding this should be the hard part, the easy part is reaping the benefits.

This is the "new" secret society or the second one because of the first, which lead a brief life before softlinks killed it. The other secret node, which we have as a backup, is located under a normal node. The node is boring and anyone travelling there will find all the information they need on the first screen and not scroll down to the bottom to locate us. We are ideally trying to create a seperate section of nodes that are not connected to anything else in E2. If one of those nodes gets located, we can start over as long as this homepage and our backup node are not located. The backup node can be sent to you via /msg, but should never be hardlinked or softlinked to any of our internal nodes.

If we do create our own series of linked nodes there are inherent problems:
  • The Random Node Generator
  • Your node history
  • Softlinks
therefore I am recommending to keep all new node networks down to 3-4 nodes so that the accidental softlink will not take down the entire system. Listing the nodes here would create a problem because if this page is ever found it would reveal all our nodes, which would summarily be nuked I am assuming. Make sure also, not to link to this or any other pertinent node from your homenode where others will see you. You can keep an alter ego to store such things, or even better is use the e2 scratch pad. You can store whatever you want and other users cannot see your scratch pad.

The guide to creating hidden nodes

First of all they have to be created with the "hidden" option checked. This is the most important thing because if you do not do this then the node will appear under "new write ups" and be noticed.

Secondly make sure the name of the node is bland, or that it has real information in it. If you make an exciting node name like "MY FIRST HIDDEN NODE!!!" then someone will se it in your user history and likely expose it.

The third point is to avoid softlinks at all costs, and stay away from hardlinks which create softlinks. All it takes is one forgetfull search to your hidden node, and boom, a permanent softlink. Gods do not like removing or editing softlinks and your node is now permanently linked to the outside world. Be wary of the search box. Always travel to sensitive nodes from your homenode, where a softlink is not possible. When voting on nodes, be sure to never C! a node. If it is chinged it will zap itself to the page of cool where it will be exposed and then xp pack raped. Which is the opposite of what we are trying to do.

Then if all this is done carefully, you can softlink to the other hidden node you wish to create a network with. /msg users about your new node, and hopefully it will then be voted up by everyone in the secret society. Therefore granting you XP, and no one is the wiser.

Of course you cannot avoid the occasional person happening upon your node, either from random node generator or from searching, or from your history. That is why you welcome them into the society and try and recruit them. Most people would enjoy being part of something discrete and it would eliminate much of the danger. Do not let them know about the homenode right away, have them create a hidden node first, to make sure that they are not trying to reveal the society.

Lastly, have fun, node something humourous, or even factual. Something that might be useful to the rest of us. That way if a node is discovered, it might not be nuked. The most potent node would be one that is useful and would get voted up slightly by the masses so that upon discovery it gets implemented into the system just like everything else.

Now to make this all work, listen to /msgs from other members and vote up their nodes. You can't avoid the occasional nuke so the upvoting will have to surpass that. Nodes that reside in the rest of E2 which are written by members CAN be nodevertised within the society but should not be hard or softlinked to. Members should also not feel obligated to vote up normal nodes, only hidden ones.