ISBN: 1-887801-70-1

Authors:Greg Stolze and John Tynes

Published by Atlas Games

Unknown Armies is a roleplaying game of postmodern and transcendental horror and tons of action. In plain terms, it's like a Call of Cthulhu where you stand a chance of not getting killed or going insane, with a bit more magic.

The world will end any day now. When a human becomes the 'embodiment' of a concept, they ascend to the Invisible Clergy. Once three hundred and thirty three humans ascend, they meld into a single Godhead, and recreate the universe in their own image. If mostly violent and warlike people ascend, for example, the next incarnation of the universe is even MORE violent and warlike.

Wanna do something about it? So do a bunch of other people. There's an occult underground out there. Some seek worldly power, some have more idealistic aims, but many of them know about the Clergy and wouldn't mind a chance at being God.

Mechanically, the game uses percentile dice (100 sided dice usually represented by two ten-sided dice) in a Price is Right fashion where you try to get as close to your skill rating without going over. The magic(k) in the game is interesting as it supposes all magic is based around a central paradox - for example, a school of magic that allows you to perfectly manipulate flesh and bone, healing it and rendering it asunder... but requires the user to injure themselves to gain power. Or magic that allows you to tinker with the emotions of others, even to the point of generating true love... but if ever YOU fall in love, you lose all of your power.

All in all, the coolest RPG you aren't playing. Ken Hite sez so.