Also: A comic book by one Fred Perry.

Main Characters:
Gina Diggers
Britanny Diggers
Briana Diggers
Theodore Diggers
Julia Brigand Diggers

Art-wise, the comic has a strong Japanese manga influence to it, but is very much Perry's unique style. While the storylines are interesting and deep, the comic is not without its T & A. Thankfully for non-male adolescent readers, it's equal-opportunity stuff - one can't throw a rock without hitting a damn handsome SOMETHING in this series, be it male, female, neuter, or not applicable. Overall, the tone is not unlike The Slayers anime - generally lighthearted and humorous, but serious things happen as well, and character undergo changes as time progresses.

Such a combination of brain and eye candy makes for a Good Thing. This is not a review, but I will give my opinion that if you don't mind getting caught with illustrated literature (aka, comic books) it's better reading than much of the drek that passes for comics nowadays, and a good read if you're a sf/fantasy/pulp adventure sort of person.