In the J. R. R. Tolkien's mythology of The Lord of the Rings, Dol Amroth was part of western Gondor, ruled by a prince, descended from Galador. In the War of the Ring in the Third Age, the current prince of Dol Amroth, Imrahil, was very helpful in defending Minas Tirith. His troops could be seen marching proudly under a banner of the swan, the emblem of Dol Amroth. They were one of the few lands of Gondor that produced a good turnout for the defense of Minas Tirith. Imrahil was the temporary steward of Gondor during the time between the suicide of Denethor and Faramir's recovery from the malady spread by the Ringwraiths, known as the Black Shadow.

The title of Prince of Dol Amroth was given to Galador in the last milennium of the Third Age of Middle-earth. The title was almost certainly held long after the fall of Barad-dur and the defeat of Sauron. The princes of Dol Amroth have claimed some Elvish blood, and it is rumored that Galador was half elf. This should be taken with some skepticism, however, since this story was more of a tradition than history. The last recorded descendants of Imrahil were named Elphir (who succeeded Imrahil as prince of Dol Amroth), Elchirion, and Amrothos. More information on later princes is not given in any of Tolkien's writings.