September 1 is my birthday.

Someone pointed out to me that terrorists killed thousands of people on 9/11.


The emergency hotline number.

So maybe it was natural for me to think of 9/1/01 My birthday a little over a week ago. That seems more like 911 to me. 9/11/01 seems like 9111. Granted if you dial either you'll go to the same place.

So I thought about how I would have felt had it been on my birthday and not ten days later. Then I thought it happened on a lot of people's birthdays, and I wondered how they felt.

Then I remembered when I was 14 and I was in a head on collision with an oncoming car.My older brother was driving and we both survived, but needless to say it wasn't what my father wanted on his birthday.

Being new to E2 I decide to check out September 1, 2001 and see what it has there already. It's renderer's birthday too. Only he turned 16, I turned 28.

Reminds me of turning 16 myself...a year and a couple weeks after the crash on my fathers birthday.

I don't believe in God or fate, but I do really like the movie Magnolia. Sometimes little things get connected in your life in interesting ways.