As I've said before, coincidence is very cool. Today was Dr. Suess's birthday. I was actually told yesterday that it was his birthday then. What a good excuse to write! Yesterday was, of course, March 1, which in 2003 was the last time I wrote anything on E2 that wasn't a daylog. There is one coincidence, but first, even though Dr. Suess didn't create it, I wanted to share this excerpt I found from The Land of Fruit.

Dragons are known for their piles of treasure. They are not know for having Brussels Sprouts in their mouth, but I know one that quite frequently does. Of all the treasure on the Dragon's pile, lately it has grown quite fond of a particularly magical mirror. Unfortunately I've never been able to look in the mirror myself, nor do I know anyone besides the Dragon who has. On at least one occasion the Dragon had a mouth full of Brussels Sprouts, looked in the mirror and remarked, "I am A Nacho-Eating Cow."

I have no idea what this means.

The Dragon also has been following the Troll more recently than in centuries past, and I was actually able to overhear a conversation:

"I'm stalking you."

"Stalking implies unwanted attention, which is impossible in my case. You are simply following me, if you were following without giving feedback you'd be lurking."

"You seem upset..."

"I miss the Sponge."

"Maybe the Sponge will visit you sometime. Sugar Pool isn't that far from your little cave now..."

"I don't need a visit. I'm too busy collecting coins anyway, and my cave is too small for the both of us. I'd just like to see the Sponge in my crystal ball sometime."

"Never there when you look?"

"Just the creature he went through The Bonding of the Rings with. I can't remember the last time I actually saw the you hear something?"

At that point I ran away. Recording history is not worth the Troll getting a hold of you. He scares me.

This woman I know who says she is a completist is why I only daylog on E2, or why I stopped trying to fill real nodeshells. I have 10 writeups in node heaven. I'm pretty sure this woman doesn't have a way to look at them. And there is probably a decent chance that even if she could she wouldn't find anything too interesting there. But I don't think that would stop her. I think she'd read all that crap if she could. And maybe, just maybe I made a fart joke in one of those nodes, and maybe it would make her laugh, and then it's all worth it.

I like titles. I don't like looking at my writeups and seeing a bunch of dates and not knowing which entries are about what. But I understand that E2 is not my own personal playground. If I can figure out a way to convince more people to provide feedback, my plans for world domination are just around the corner.