Yawn. Stretch.

I really am addicted to freedom. That's another way to say I'm lazy. I've been billing myself as "living proof there is no correlation between intelligence and ambition" for years now. Everything is relative though.

I was actually awake by about 2 pm today. That's really not so "lazy" when you consider I often go to bed at 6 am. I love the grave scheduale.

Seeing that today is March 1 I was reminded of the radio commecials I've been hearing the last couple of days as I listen to Howard Stern. It seems Jenna Jameson and some other porn star will be at Sapphires tonight, which is supposedly the largest strip club in the world that just opened up here in Las Vegas. It's funny the stuff I read on E2. I usually check to make sure my links go somewhere (although in the poem I wrote I left in a link that goes to the town I grew up in, even though no node exists, just as a RL reference) so I glanced over Jenna's node here. Quite a long list of films.

Had I devoted my life to making money it might be fun to go tonight, but as I'm currently "living at the poverty level" (as my mother put it the other night) by playing low limit poker, I think I'll pass. In fact I'll proabably just go play some poker tonight. Working whenever I want is so...NICE.

I was thinking that Las Vegas reminds me of the brief time I spent in college before I dropped out. No matter how much I screwed around and put off homework and studying for tests, I could always look around and see a lot more people screwing around a lot more than I was.

I live in what many have called a bad part of town. Maybe it's the beggers, the drug dealers, and the crack whores that remind me of college.

I had a new experience with a begger last night. He was the most aggressive I have ever encountered. He was also very drunk, but I just wasn't positive he wasn't going to try anything stupid. I also felt that he wanted me to think he might. Basically he just wanted to do whatever it took to get another beer. I can relate to the feeling if I apply it to relationships. You know when a woman you are in love with breaks up with you, and you just want to do something to fix everything. So desparate.

I just stood in the parking lot talking to him and watching him. I kept assuring him I wasn't going to give him any money. I just waited for him to go away. Truth was I didn't want to go to my car because I figured he could do more damage to it than to me. He could live here for all I know.

And then there is e2. I edited a little node I wrote a long time ago. Some e2 user was helpful enough to explain to me how I should make my nodes stand alone, that inadequate nodes will eventually be destroyed and should not be referenced. Having enough nodes of my own destroyed I now understand what he was saying.

I think the vote dumping on daylogs is interesting too. I got some words of encouragement from a user who I saw somewhere admitted to being a serial upvoter. I love statistics. I would love to look at long stretches of daylogs and see how people vote them and look at correlations to who the writer is vs. that particular time on e2.

An old man sits at his computer and turns to his grandchildren...

"I remember back in April of 2005 downvoting daylogs was all the rage. A man couldn't utter the words 'Dear Diary' without losing a ton of experience..."

A child whispers to the other, "Why is Grandpa so weird?"

"Mom told me he always refused to be put on any medication..."