(From a bulletin board I use)

Random child: KFC Chicken Snackers are awesome! Don't you think?

Me: Hmmm it seems I'm the only disenting opinion besides an implied "save the baby chicks" comment.

It's precisely for this love, nay, lust of eating the little chickens that I must not deem the snackers awesome.

In fact, eating eggs is even better than chicken I think. Embryos. Undead chicken flesh in a way really.?

But KFC is so visually and tactically appealing....any chicken is really...KFC is simply the most successful corporation built on the consumption of the chicken flesh I hold so dear.

You see, when you eat a piece of chicken you can see what it used to look like. It's bones....the muscle...you can reconstruct the skeleton....form the bird and visualize what someone has killed and you now devour. You are alive. You consume other life to keep on living. This is what life does.

A sandwich? You get no feeling from this.

However, consuming a chicken and it's unborn babies, now THAT is awesome.