I think it's been almost a year and a half since I've written anything on E2.

You see, the problem with being dramatic, is no one really cares. Now I know, "no one really cares" is the kind of thing you can say in a really dramatic way, but pretend I'm not that dramatic for a minute.

I don't believe in god. All my life I claimed to be agnostic despite the fact that at some point in my childhood I stopped believing in invisble men that can help me. It was about a year and a half ago that I figured out what happens when you die. That was what was keeping me away from atheism. I couldn't imagine there being nothing.

I'll admit, at the time of the following discovery I was pretty depressed and spending a lot of time in bed. That doesn't change the rightness of what I now feel. You see, I woke up and two hours had just passed. It hit me that that was what death was like. You go to sleep, you don't dream, and you never wake up. So simple.

Now I have that atheist's arrogance about how stupid religion is. There is a great write up somewhere on E2 about the difference between an agnostic and an atheist. I recall a comparision to orange soda. I wish I knew where that was, I'd link it for you.

You. I keep saying that. Who are you?

See, I moved to Las Vegas and all my friends didn't So I send a bunch of them random e-mails frequently to keep them a little updated on my life. But I never save anything I send out. Why? (shrug) So I was thinking I might just write random crap here in the day logs, then I can tell all my friends to check out E2 for random crap about my life. Sure, e-mailing them is a little easier for them, but this way I get to keep a record as well. I like reading the crap I wrote a year and half ago. Okay, maybe not reading it...but glancing at it and remembering that time. Why? Who cares?

Not you. We've gone over this. No one really cares. But people do care about a lot of random crap. And that's what I like about E2. It's this big advertisment thing. At least well written nodes are. In general I hate linking things for emphasis. I'd like to pretend that all links are useful, at least in some situations.

Take this write up. Four links. And they all go somewhere. Somewhere specific. If for some reason you want to read about Las Vegas, atheists, or agnostics, you can just click and there you go. If you click on the nothing up there you'll go where I think of when I see that word. Cool stuff.

Anyway, I think I might write some logs on here just to BS. Eventually I might try real noding again.