This sucks.
Our first real fight in the year and a half since we've been together.

We were headed out the door to see a movie -- he was going to drive. I looked at my keys, decided I didn't need the bulk in my pocket since he was driving. We got to the car and he realized he didn't have his keys.

Okay, so we're locked out. Big deal. Right?
Wrong. This is the fourth time this has happened in the last few months -- in my opinion, it has always been his fault.

The biggest argument broke out over whose fault it was, and who was going to have to call the third roommate at work.

Anyway, we're in the house now (no kidding, genius, most people don't have computers laying around outside), and we're not speaking. I have never even been in a small argument with him -- sure, small disagreement, but never, ever have either of us raised our voices at each other.

Fucking bummer. Guess wer're not going to see that movie today ...

Oh, I should just shut up. There are bigger issues in this world than our little fight.