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fame & fortune... although I'd probably settle for either/or
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Trust nothing -- fear everything.
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SK3ZEBOT, a.k.a. J ______ (21), was born in New Britain, Connecticut. He lived in South Meriden, CT until September '89 when his family moved to the rural hills of Orange, Vermont. J attended Orange Center School in his early years and also attended/graduated from Spaulding High School in Barre, VT in 1999. On his eighteenth birthday, he was ousted from his home for partaking in no collegiate plans or productive educational activity. Homeless and facing a harsh Vermont winter, J moved into a friend's gargage. It was around this period of time that J was introduced into music-creation, and thus, SK3ZEBOT, and The Garage Studios (Barre, VT) were born. All of the "SK3ZE MUZIK" tape material was conceived and produced here in the summer of 2000. In October 2000 our young friend was off to Lackland AFB in Texas as a voluntary servant for the United States Air Force. For a brief period of time SK3ZEBOT worked out of Building 516 Studios in Wichita Falls, TX, while doubling as a jet-engine mechanic for the USAF (2001). In the end, however, the way of the SK3ZE was not one of militant nature, and with the help of a certain not-so-legal 7-leafed plant, SK3ZEBOT was sent home to Vermont. SK3ZEBOT currently resides in Burlington, VT, where he continues to wreak sonic havoc, stay doped up on Mountain Dew, and count down the days until the Earth's collision with a cataclysmic asteroid in 2019.