Climbing on your own can be disspiriting. With a group of people motivation is easier to maintain. One of the best ways to harness this is to play the bouldering game.

One person begins a bouldering problem of their invention, but only does one or two moves. The next person must repeat the first moves, and at the end they add a move of their own.

This continues, the bouldering problem becoming increasingly long and hence difficult. There may be a tendency to attempt to show that you are shit hot by adding a move hat other people will find really difficult but this defeats the purpose of the bouldering game. The idea is to create a long problem which is not of a single persons style. This forces each of the participants to try moves that they would not ordinarily attempt (tall climbers must use the techniques that the short climbers employ and vice versa)

Climbers of mixed ability can participate as the most fun is had when people put creative moves into the bouldering problem

It is one of the best methods of training amongst a group of people.