Also the final challenge that the contestants in The Adventure Game had to face. On the other side of the vortex lay the entrance to the space ship that would take them home (the space ship looked suspiciously like a tram).

The Contestants had to move across the nodes of a lattice (between the nodes you could see out into space). If they walked into the Vortex the they were banished into space and had to walk home. Each turn a contestant would move onto a new node and then one of the keepers of the Vortex would move the Vortex. Of course the contestants could not see the Vortex and had to guess where to go.

For a while there was a cheat, the contestants could toss something onto an empty lattice point in front of them and if the Vortex landed on the object the object would be obliterated. This helped the contestants to find a safe way across. One day, without anyone saying anything the rules changed. The contestant stepped onto the node on which he had tossed (a burger I think it was) and he was consumed by The Vortex. The other contestants were more than a litte surprised.