Sport climbing is a branch of climbing in which the climb is bolted. This means that the sport climber is perfectly safe.

They do not need to worry about placing any gear as there are already bolts on the rock.

With not having to worry about little things like death, the sport climber can concentrate on climbing really really hard things. Most sports climbs are insanely overhanging pump fests.

Originally in climbing the goal was to find new and expressive routes up the rock whilst not dying. Getting to the top of even a moderate climb could be a worthwhile achievement. With the advent of sport climbing much of the cunning and psychological aspect of the climb has been removed. The payback is in climbing hard which becomes a mantra for the sports climber.

The sports climber does not own a rack, just a rope and a few quickdraws. They may be able to climb 5.13, or f8c+ or English 6b, but put them in a rack and on an exposed trad HVS and watch them go to pieces faster than a thing that goes to pieces really fast.

Noether commented I don't really agree that a hard sports climber will go to pieces on a HVS. That's just something that trad climbers say to make themselves feel better about climbing at such a low level :P

what can I say, as a trad climber I have to make up for the fact that I climb shit gradres somehow *8)