what i did (or didn't do) on August 30, 2001

Things to do today

  • apply for jobs during lunch hour and after:

    try to fill in three online applications today sort the list of companies into: known and prefered known and ambivalent (banks etc) known and depreciated unknown apply to prefered companies to begin with.
    i've sorted them, now I have to actually apply, god dam it.

  • buy toothpaste and razor blades
    yay, I just did this! got the new wilkonson's sword fancy blades. now i must make sure i don't mix them up with my toothpaste.
  • find resources on net describing poker rules and specifically texas holdem.
  • email/contact:
    • claire
    • the south african couple
    • laura whitlock
    • nestor
    • nikki
    • my mother:
      arrange to visit my grandmother this weekend
    • peter ofarrell: discuss south of france plans
    • brandon:
      get poker details from him
      i emailed him, now I just have to wait for him to apply. I'm playing a game on thursday, Brandon used to play in Atlantic city
  • attempt to complete letter to nikki
  • make a list of long term goals, outstanding goals.
  • get home in time to:
    have a bath tidy the living room

13:25 Well, so far this daylog is mostly a list of things that i ought to attempt, quite a lot has happened in the past week but i don't have time now to describe it, I am using these daylogs as a method for attempting to organise my life and time, it is helping quite a lot.