It is March, perhaps near the 27th, winter is still clinging in the air. Flight over from Dublin, a short hop to Prestwick Airport (my fist time on a Jet!) then the train rolling through to Glasgow, wandering new place, Queens Street to Princes, train again and out to Edinburgh.

The fields roll by, a few towns, Hay-market, then you pull into a tunnel. As the train leaves the tunnel just before entering Waverly station the castle wall towers above you, the train scrapping by its base.

my destination , The Bruntsfiled Links Hotel. Waverly is situated in a deep gully between the old town(medieval) and the new town(Edwardian). The gully used to be a swamp and they used to drown witches in it for selling bad sets of wooden false teeth (i kid you not). I hoist my bag onto my back, walk up the steep incline into the city night, shrouded in fog, orange illuminated by sodium street lamps. I ask for directions, get pointed, walk and walk. The walls of the city are looming over me, nothing is clear, it is a dream place, and it is not revealing itself to me. I pass a cinema, they are playing Natural Born Killers, a film that is currently banned in Ireland.

The mist shrouds around the dark buildings, I am on a walkway through some park, the buildings retreat and I walk and walk, the mist clinging to the footpath makes it sparkle.

Eventually I reach my hostel, A jovial collection of people, a jigsaw being completed, my reservation waiting. Settle in and sleep. Await my first day in Edinburgh