Return to Love in a quantum universe (idea)

There is nothing in the rules that says that time must [flow],
in [line] and [order], [rhyme] and [reason]

That we must have regrets
not be able to fix our mistakes

[Newton], [Einstein], [Erwin Schrodinger|Schrodinger] the lot
Didn't give a toss for [time]

Cause and effect fluid with respect
to who or what is looking.

According to them my [love] would [cause]
you in [effect] to return to me

At least there could be a [universe]
where you decided differently

And I could know that part of my [wavefunction]
was content and [whole]

But [Boltzmann] was a [bastard].
I must accept the loss

And that between us now exists
some [Pauli]-like [exclusion principle]

by me