This year, stranded a continent away from my family I decided to cook christmass dinner for a few friends that were in a similar situation. One of them is a vegetarian and so I knew where to go to find inspiration for his part of the meal.

I chose this meal because another friend of mine told me that cabbage is seasonal for christmass.

When making the baked Hasselbachs I missread the instructions and skewered the potatoes with chop sticks, then I crved out fins, removed the chop sticks and bunged them in the oven. This part took the longest to cook, almost an Hour I think. They were delicious

The crimson Tofu had more of a mixed result, I am not sure if the spices that I used were in the right proportion, however the vegetarian said that it was really good. Perhaps I just have tofu issues.

The cabbage, simplicity, the first time that I have ever liked boiled cabbage, making sure that it is still crisp when you take it out of the water is very important. Mmmmm, butter, mmm.

Thank you Sensei