Beagle 2 is a British craft that is due to be sent to Mars in 2003 on the Mars Express. The mission of this craft is to search for life on the red planet and it is named after The Beagle, the ship that carried Darwin to the Galapagos Islands.

The research in the project is an all British affair. The project received not very much money from the British government agencies that fund such projects and although it got the scientific go ahead from ESA and from NASA it looked for a while that there would not be enough funding.

At this point the head of the project looked into alternative sources of funding and 'advertising' has been sold in order to cover costs.

Champions of Britpop and Britart, Blur and Damien Hirst are also involved in this attempt at "Britspace". The first signal the craft will send back to earth after it lands on Mars will be a five note tune to be specially composed by Blur. The sensing equipment will calibrate itself by training on a Hurst spot painting that is to be etched on the inside of the craft.