what i did (or didn't do) on August 8, 2001
  • managed to email everyone apart from rob and beany. Claire has invited me to Cork
  • Sent the CV to Edinburgh, looks like I might be called for interview.
  • Sent the CV to several recrutment people, shall see what happens
  • Downloaded MySQL now just need to install it.
All in all yesterday was a fantastically succsesfull day.

things to do today

  • clear another 20 emails from my inbox, reduce the number to 40
  • decide where to go for the weekend
  • tidy my house
  • meet catherine for lunch
  • purchase some outdoor equipment, socks and either a sleeping bag or some walking waterproofs and walking trousers. Some dubbin for my boots.
  • start writing my e2 poem

10:00 am As he covertly slips the text editor window out from under the data entry window to do a bit of noding with, ah ha! yesterday was a good day, i just heard the Edinburgh have recieved my CV, phew!. The girl that I met last weekend has casualy suggested that i could visit her in Cork this weekend, this leads to mixed feelings, no it dosen't but this seems more serious, slightly so, than any oher involvement I have had since breaking up with my previous gf and I expect that I shall have to tell the ex, with whoom I am on good terms with, that is at the moment. Ahh life.

I am still playing with a format for these daylog things, how do you like this format people?

I discovered this morning the node tracker, my god I had imagined making something exactly the same about two months ago, it's brilliant, it makes me realise ho mediocre most of my nodes are, puts m to shame. I would love to be able to see the profiles of other noders, just for fun. must node better !

Reading one of junkpile's nodes yesterday, about an E2 gathering in Ohio, my god this is an amazing place, inspired me to write a poem about it, the beginnings rooted in the wounderfull disorder that is e2, the result shall proabably be too long for a node, but i'm going to try anyway, begin today, allways begin things today, thats a good maxim.

Last night I got home early but failed to tidy my house, it's sitting there around me, it needs attention and i sat at home with it neglected while i kept company n the phone, either i was too tired or slightly depressed about dealing with it, must have mre resolve to deal with it. You see it is not in a bad condition, but since I inherited it from my grandmother in February I have not made the effort to make the house mine, it is still her house and I am surropunded by all the things that remind me of her, perhaps this job in Edinburgh (if I get it) will provide me with an easy escape. Ahh if I had the money to redecorate, I tell myself, so there I am resolved this is importsnt, I shall go home tonight and begin the easy task of gently taking down the ornaments.

and so on with my day.

19:20 yay yay yay, I am definitly going to Cork tommorrow. I have just bought a new pair of socks for hiking in, and a nice capaline top for the same reason.

Just met my old friend Ken, he said he would check out the site, so if you are reading this, a big hello to Ken !, the conversation in the gallery got very bizzare and my tiredness caught up with me, time to leave. So I stooped on my way home in an internet cafe to see if claire emailed me and she did, and now I have 16 minuites of paid time to play with, hence this. I began the everythin2 poem today, it might be finished by september, or by the end of next week when i finish my data entry job, we shall have to see. The two important things left to do today are to to pack for the weekend and to tidy my house, my cousin lives upstairs from this place so i shall stop for some coffee before wandering home.

Oh one other thing, after seeing the node tracker I have vowed to purge my worst nodes, in my mind this does not mean ridding them because they are unpopular but simple rereading them and asking two questions, firstly do they contribute something of worth to e2, it seems many of my eary wu's were simply vacuous quips with little or no content or context, bye bye to those. secondly if they do have value are they presented in a manner that agrees with the etiquette of e2, i.e. where appropriate correct spellin, correct hardlinking, linking at all. I am greviously in conflict with some of these norms and it seems only polite to fix such mistakes where the effort to do so is minimal.