what i did (or didn't do) on August 20, 2001
  • am expiereincing a fit of minor depression and can't make any plans for the day. Perhaps I should work on getting past my malaise.

Things to do today

  • meet my guest jen in Dublin
  • Ring rachel and arrange accomodation for the weekend.
13:41 Well 10 days since my last day log, blame work getting less leniant on my surfing (only 10 min left of break to write this node), also blame the fact that I have not yet gotten out of my slump, well this is the start of teh ascent, it's not that bad mind, just led to inaction on my part.

Jen comes to stay with me today, she is from Texas but works frequently in Europe for some company that make bits that go on the end of drills for oil rigs, we will go this weekend to Killarney, mostly so that I can see Claire before she departs for Peru to do the Inca trail. I need to arrange accomodation for myself and jen. We will go walking and weather dependant climbing while we are down there.

I need badly to get a ob, the data entry thing is getting disheartening, it will last only another two weeks, perhaps three. I have decided that I want to go to the south of France in September, to Ceuse to go climbing, there are many people goging, I have no money now and must save to afford this trip, I will return jobless and without money, but I need the break. So I need to get my shit together to find a job, no word yet from Edinburgh but I can no longer think positivly about this, perhaps it is a good thing, Claire may be moving to Dublin to work, I would like to live in Dublin for the coming year, yes I think I have decided this much. Let me be honest, I just need a source of income, there are two paths open with have some promise, one is in the IT industrym difficult in Dublin at the moment, the other is teaching, I could do this, but it might not be the best for my sanity. I need to see if I can get a job in IT, that sort of thing. I have a list of companies, now I need to find time to send cv's to them.

I am going to do this next week. I have managed at last to install MySQL and the MySQLdb python module for the company that I am doing some part time evening work, now I need to mould these things into a datase interface to the web for tehm, I have been faffing terribly, next week then Mon-Thursday I will go there each evening and do both of the following, get something live for them and send my CV off to a lot of places. See what come of this.

I took a day off last week to tidy my house (at last) it's good, I had two dinner parties last week and they were small but fun, guest list for the first-> ed,faith a friend fo faiths, christine and myself.

the other party had Claire (she came and spent teh weekend in Dublin with me, it was amazing, I'll see ehr again tommorrow, it's an interesting relationship, when we are apart I am certain that I am not as much into it as she is, not to say that I\, not into it, just not as much, ahh, but when we are together, well, as ever I am sure that I don't know what is going on in my head at all.

Ahh, remembered, the other job option, the postion with DCU. That would be nice, I need to give myself some time to think about that, perhaps I should take a day off next week and write up a proposal to send in to them, it should take only a half day or so, I need to get some papers from astro ph which might be of relavance for teh sort of work that they are doing at DCU. It would be a better occupation than most in Dublin these days. Ahh more enthusiasim, thats what I need.

yes this has been incoherent, it is clear that what I really need is