Things accomplished yesterday
Got Python to read in a Foxpro file

Things to do today:
Meet Catherine for lunch
Check that my job application yesterday arrived
buy new underwear
apply for some jobs through the paper and via a list of contacts that Owen gave me.
Pack for my weekend away
Go away

Start of the Bank Holiday, they let us out of work early today ;)

Yesterday I installed Python on the machine here at work. As I mentioned before I am doing data entry and it is killing me, so I played around with Idle all day yesterday. A friend of mine is working for a company that wants to put up an interface on the web to a data base of theirs. I mentioned that I might be able to do this (allways a first for everything) and so after my day job yesterday i went around to their offices and played around with some of their files. It's hard trying to work after a full day in a dead boring job, i will have to work harder, i allways say that.

I had to decide yesterday what I am going to do this coming weekend, There were three option, go to Donegal to climb to Clare to climb and to do a bit of caving or go to Bantry to see carol play in a concert, (this is the girl that I wrote about on March 24, 2001 She is living still in New York and it would be fantastic to see her again, but finding somewhere to stay in Bantry in addition to the 8 hours in a bus with the added expectation that I would only see her for an hour or so, and too add to which if I go to Clare I might meet a girl that I met last weekend in Fermanagh, all of these things have made me decide not to go to see Carol, but I will feel unsetteled all weeeknd about it (unless I can climb something hard that will take me out of myself for a little while).

Ladt night I got really pissed, ate kebabs late, made a pact with Ed, bet a pint, the winner is the one who can stay on the wagon until September, see how long that lasts. Ahh life, don't talk to me about life