I seem to have so little time, I waste it I suppose. Well, for posterity, since I don't seem to be keeping any other records about my life at the moment. I have been workin in Germany now for almost a year. On the 1st of September it will be a year! I seem to be becoming settled here, learning the language, seeing a German girl.

Two days ago I had a tooth removed. Right molar bottom jaw. It seems that I have three wisdom teeth that are growing horizontally. The pressure on my lower jaw caused a couple of my molars to crack in two. Until now (aged 29) I've not been able to afford proper dental care. Heath insurance here in Germany is amazing, the quality of care is outstanding, shame that I have such a mess in my mouth to take care of. There is a large hole in my gum, it bleeds continously, but at a fairly low rate. I expect it to heal quickly but for the moment I am still adapting to the new geography of my mouth. A dental appointment must be met tomorrow, 8am, its 2am now, four hours of sleep to look forward to if i stop writing now.

Holidays in Germany are generous, 30 days minimum, I work a half day tomorrow, then 2 weeks hoilday. I will be away for my one year working anniversary, not to worry. To France I go, to climb. Ceuse and Verdon are waiting. Two months ago i ripped a tendon, snapped it clean through, in one of my fingers. I hope that it will be useable, or else my two weks will be spent swilling wine and scoffing cheese.

my new computer is wonderful, the first personal computer that i have ever owned. it is a macintosh powerbook.