what i did (or didn't do) on August 14, 2001
  • Go to the climbing wall(yes)
  • Buy some hiking trousers.(yes)
  • meet catherine for lunch(yes)

Things to do today

  • am expiereincing a fit of minor depression and can't make any plans for the day. Perhaps I should work on getting past my malaise.

13:41 Well I have not daylogged for about a week. The working week last week was very boring and dissastisfactory. I have not heard from Edinburgh in respect to a job that I aplpied for. I know the interviews are on Wednesday and so must conclude that I ahve not been chosen for a first round interview. This has placed a dampener on my mood for the past week.

I really need to work on getting a job and mus sit down and formulate a plan to achieve this, I cannot face doing this today, for the moment I am going to let it slide.

There were some highlights, or at least moments of interest, last wee. I ate in AYA, a good sushi bar in Dublin. The sushi is excellent but slightly overpriced. Given the lack of sushi places in the city this is just about acceptable.

I found I had a cycst in my ring finger, no doubt from climbing, I lanced it and it healed quickly. It may have prevented me from climbing well last tuesday, I climbed poorly and realise that I must increase my specific finger training back to at least tree times a week rather than one if I am to see continued improvement in my climbing. This means installing my fingerboard in my house. I may do this in the coming weekend. I have not been in Dublin for a weekend for the past six weeks, this weekend I will stay in Dublin for sure.

This past weekend was spent in Kerry at Claire's parets house. About 10 people from across the country descended for a weekend of hillwalking and relaxation. I had hoped to climb a route called Howling Ridge but the weather was too wet. We walked up to Carintoohil instead, spot height 1039 m, the tallest place in Ireland. There is a large metal cross on the summit. I climbed half way to the top and then chose not to reverse. The cross was too wet and I was afraid of landing on my ankles.

My left ankle is holdin a slight injury so I am going to rest it this week. I amy try to do a little skipping and streching in order to up my cardio and flexability.

Yes definitly bumed about Edinburgh.

Claire was amazing again this weekend, I have only known her for three weeks and we have onjly been kising for two, a good indication of how much I like her is how quickly I am able to type this part of the daylog, the words, yeay even the commentary, is flowing out of my fingers, a clear sign that she is occupying a large part of my brain at the moment, I could spend pages describing how she maes me feel, it is still a very phyicsal realtionship and sometime thinking back over the past two weekends i begin to shudder involintariy with pleasure. I will be a gentleman and leave the detilas at that. She is coming up to Dublin next weekend and I will have a dinner, introduce her to some of my oldest friends, it will be a good time.

For now I am stuck in work hell, but I must remember to be gentle with myself over this, in time all this will pass, head up, thats it thats the spirit.