what i did (or didn't do) on August 13, 2001
  • Ring the two recruitment agencies that showed an interest in my CV(yes)
  • Work on the poem (no)
  • install MySQL and get it to read in a foxpro file (no)
  • leave in some film to get developed. (yes)
  • talk to belinda (yes)
  • again again continue to tidy my house (yes)

Things to do today

  • Go to the climbing wall
  • Buy some hiking trousers.
  • meet catherine for lunch

15:37 Well, it has been quite a boring day so far and yesterday was not much better. The only reason for adding this daylog is for the sake of consistancy. I am still waiting to hear from Edinburgh. I was told by a recruitment agency last night that I ought to contact companies directly in the search for work. I was told people are hoping for an upturn in the job market by the middle of September. The Data Entry is beginning to get to me, oh well.

I did ring belinda yesterday, told her about Claire. I went out with belinda for almost three years and we are still very close. We only broke up a few months ago and I know sh has not seen anyone since then. I was a little concerend about how she would take the news of my new relationship, goodness I know this is boring to you all, she took it well and I guess the point is that we must credit people with being stronger than we might expect.

I rang Claire too, I will see her again at the weekend.

The tidying of my hose consisted soley of doing some clothes washing. Ahh what an exciting life.