what i did (or didn't do) on August 10, 2001
  • Send my cousin my new CV (yes)
    he even tidied up the html formatting
  • Send a CV and cover letter to Erricsons (yes)
  • update the dublin universities node wrt ryanos suggestions (yes)
  • email claire (yes),rob(no) ,eliana (no),
    really really must email these people !
  • go to Cork (yes)(yes)(yes)(yes)(yes)(yes)
  • read some papers on the train down, try to do a little writing on the train. (yes)

Things to do today

  • Ring the two recruitment agencies that showed an interest in my CV
  • Work on the poem
  • install MySQL and get it to read in a foxpro file
  • leave in some film to get developed.
  • talk to belinda
  • again again continue to tidy my house

13:09 What an earth shatteringly fantastic weekend. I arrived in Cork on friday night somwhat nervous about the encounter, I was a few minuets early and couldn't see claire, she came up from behind and we began to kiss again, she was more beautifull than I had remembered.

Amazing, Amazing, I can't describe the weekend, no words will come to me at the moment, This is the first that I have begun a relationship with an Irish girl. An Irish friend of mine who lives in London asked me earlier in the week whether I had discovered if the old saying about Irish girls is true, that they turn from saint to whore once they loose their virginity. Now let me be clear, this friend of mine is Irish but she was refusing to tell me. The phrase is not to be taken literaly but describes a delightfull penchant in Irish people to enter uninhibited into activities, and yes this was a delightfully uninhibeted weekend.

Met with friends of hers in a pub on friday night, saturday we went hiking in the Galtee mountains then to dinner with other friends at a restaurant called the strasbourg goose.

On sunday morning she dragged me out of bed to go and look at some cliffs. Now I am normally the one to go galavanting after the cliffs, but that bed had become a place that I did not feel the need to leave, however she read me right again because the cliffs were amazing, Roberts cove and Nohovis cove, I clambered around above the sea at the base of Roberts cove, hoping that the rock was solid enough not to break in my hands, it was good, I didn't fall, got to the top and through the relief of being safe again kissed and kissed and kissed again, really far too much kissing than can be good for one in a weekend

And then home again on the train, slept the three hours on the way back to Dublin.