Many people like beige.

Back when I was a reseller, a client called and asked if we had the new iMac in stock. This was when the desktop world was debating whether this new computer was pure genius or pure abomination. Anyways, I said, "yep, sure do".

She said "do you have it in beige?". I informed her that the iMac was only available in Bondi Blue and gently suggested that this was the whole idea of the iMac.

Oh no, she insisted, it was also available in good old beige, and anyway, she needed a new Mac and wouldn't have one of those ugly blue things in her house.

After some minutes of enquiry, she revealed that she'd seen a newspaper advertisement for the iMac with the headline "Sorry, no beige". This proved that it was available in beige, as the retailer that ran those ads was obviously sold out.

I don't think this is what Apple's ad agency had in mind when they created that headline!

She ended up buying a second hand LC630 or something, in fetching beige...

While I love the Mac, I trust my ass chip to Linux.